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Dairy Queen As The One Of Popular Ice Cream Outlet In The World

Ice cream is a cold snack that we easily to find. Many of us must have paid ice cream from various flavors and forms that were traded or even made by themselves. There are many reasons why people like ice cream, many people also become ice cream as their business fields. The ice cream itself doesn’t have a target market because from children to adults like ice cream. Based on dqfansurvey the main reason for people to eat ice cream is that they will feel fresh.

The Taste Of Ice Cream

The first logical reason why many people like to eat ice cream in terms of taste. Ice cream has a soft and refreshing taste, especially when eaten in hot weather. Not only that cold food made with an ice cream machine, but this kind of cold food is also made by many flavors depending on the basic ingredients. Starting from fruits to drink and food can be a taste of ice cream made. In some ice cream shop, like Dairy Queen you may create your own ice cream flavor. But the softness and freshness of ice cream can only be enjoyed when ice cream is frozen. If the ice cream is already melting, so the taste will be much different.

The Attractive Of Form

Nowadays there are so many innovations and creations from many entrepreneurs who make an appearance as attractive as possible to make ice cream unique from the others. People will tend to want ice cream with a unique look and have their own characteristic. The appearance of ice cream also depends on the target market of the ice cream maker. If the target is children, so usually the ice dream form has cute shapes like fruits or animal. For the adults, usually, like the unique and colorful ice cream.

Make You Fresh

Eat ice cream is one way to relieve thirst when the weather is hot. With the soft texture and cold, ice cream is very suitable to eat and it will make you feel fresh.

The Benefits Of Ice Cream

Based on dqfansurvey the other reason is, it turns out that why people like ice cream because of the benefits of ice cream. Ice cream can also be used for diet by consuming ice cream will increase the body temperature and burn fat in the body. But this diet will be a success if you consume the right amount of ice cream and not too much. As we know that the most of ice cream is made from milk that contains calcium which certainly good for healthy bones and teeth. Especially for children who are growing, but don’t give too much.

Increasing The Appetite

To overcome a child or someone who is difficult to eat vegetables and fruit can by consuming vegetable and fruit ice cream. Even people tend to prefer ice cream with fruit and vegetable flavors rather than the original. So, ice cream is can be the alternative for someone who doesn’t like vegetables or fruits. A variety of flavors from ice cream will not make people bored to eat ice cream, although with the different taste but the softness of ice cream remains the same.

The History Of Dairy Queen

Ronald Reagan as the former of President of United States of America determined that the Sunday of 3rd week in July was the National Ice Cream Day. Not only that, but July is also designated as National Ice Cream month. Based on dqfansurvey this is the reason why some of the ice cream corporations that develop in the world are from America. One of them is Dairy Queen.

Starting from J.F McCullough and his son Alex, who founded a home-based ice company in 1927 in Lowa, United States of America. In 1930 the company moved to Illusionist, McCullough wanted to make ice cream with softer texture but it still tastes good. McCullough’s dream recipe was found. But the problem is, the soft textured ice cream requires a super cold refrigerator. At that time is so hard to find the refrigerator. Finally, they entrust their ice cream to Sherb Noble, a restaurant owner who has MacCullough dream refrigerator. The ice cream sold for two hours for the first time.

In 1940, McCullough and Sherd Noble founded Dairy Queen. In two years, Dairy Queen succeeded in making the famous flagship product until now. Based on dqfansurvey in a year this company sold 100 million cups, which is a combination of ice cream with various types of candy and snacks such as an Oreo, M & M’s, Snickers. And Butterfinger in one cup. Along with the times, Dairy Queen is not also selling the various kind of ice cream but also various foods such as hot dog, some kind of cakes, and some kind of beverages such as Citrus Coolers, smoothies, and Moolate.

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Interesting Facts about KFC has been Revealed

Well, guys, we will discuss KFC’s facts. Who doesn’t know the popularity of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants ?. At present, you will find it easier to find fast food restaurants near you. The concept of this restaurant is often used by entrepreneurs. Because this concept is a favorite of all people. They don’t have to prepare cutlery like in a fancy restaurant. Maybe you know the difference in the concept of fast food restaurants with fancy restaurants. Here are some striking differences in fast food restaurants.

  1. You can visit the restaurant and make an order at that time. If you visit the dining restaurant, you need to make a reservation in advance.
  2. You have to pay for your food before enjoying it. So when you make an order, you have to pay it first. Then you can find a seat in the restaurant. If you visit a fancy restaurant, you can pay for the order after enjoying it.
  3. They provide an easy and fast menu. You need to understand that fast food restaurants serve simple and easy food. If possible, you can immediately bring your food after making a payment. But fancy restaurants have different systems. There you can enjoy each dish one by one. So they present complementary food to delay your hunger.
  4. You don’t need to dress formally. Unlike the rules in fancy restaurants. Here you can use casual clothes. Because this restaurant has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Well, guys, you know the difference between fast food restaurants and fancy restaurants. Next, we will discuss interesting facts from KFC fast food restaurants. Let’s check it out.


Interesting facts from KFC fast food restaurants.

Are you a fan of KFC fast food restaurants ?. If you know this restaurant, read our interesting article. Here we will present facts that you may not know. Here are some interesting facts from KFC.

  1. KFC Popularizes Fried Chicken into the Fast Food Restaurant industry

This restaurant is from the United States. Then they managed to expand to all corners of the world. Until now they have 21,000 outlets in 130 countries in the world. Wow, isn’t this a fantastic number? They have been serving customers since 70 years ago. So KFC serves fried chicken as a typical food in their restaurant. Previously famous fast food restaurants with hamburgers as their mainstay menu. Well guys, so this restaurant is a pioneer of the appearance of fried chicken in fast food restaurants.

  1. The first restaurant to process chicken using a Pressure Fryer.

The founder of this fast food restaurant was named Colonel Sanders. He was one of the KFC chefs in the early days of restaurant establishment. There Sanders uses a pressure fryer system when making fried chicken. Even though it was only in 1939 a new high-pressure stove was introduced in general. So Colonel Sanders was the first person to use this stove. Although the risk of exploding is higher, KFC maintains this method. Because the taste of the chicken becomes more delicious when cooked using a high-pressure stove. Are you interested in trying it at home?

  1. Who is the trigger of the name “Kentucky Fried Chicken” ?.

In 1952 in Salt Lake City Colonel Sanders met Pete Herman. Pete Herman is a businessman who has a successful burger shop. The shop is called Do Drop Inn. Then they collaborated to sell fried chicken made by Sanders. Year after year the restaurant has become more successful. After that Herman wanted to change the name of the restaurant to make it more attractive. He wants to highlight the fried chicken menu in the name of the restaurant. Furthermore, the painter named Don Anderson gave Herman a brilliant idea. Be this restaurant called Kentucky Fried Chicken. This name has an exotic impression and the hospitality of the people of the southern part of the United States.

  1. Colonel Sanders was never a soldier.

Well guys, when you hear the name of Colonel Sanders, maybe you think he is a former soldier. But your assumption is wrong. Colonel Sanders is not a soldier. He got that rank from Governor Lawrence Wetherby. But Sanders does not have an obligation that must be carried out. Then he did not receive a salary because of that rank.

  1. Colonel Sanders has sold KFC Fast Food Restaurants.

Well guys, when KFC is at the peak of success, Sanders actually feels depressed. But due to high pressure, Sanders decided to sell this restaurant to several investors. So in 1964, he got 27 billion in sales of this fast food restaurant.

  1. How is the KFC Secret Recipe?

Since 1952, KFC has been serving consumers. They still maintain the confidentiality of KFC fried chicken recipes. Even though Sanders had a problem, because of the unsatisfying taste after the restaurant was sold. But the making of fried chicken still refers to the recipe for Sanders. This secret recipe is in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky. Only a few people know this secret recipe. They installed a security system at a secret recipe storage area. Don’t be surprised, they prepare armed forces to guard the place.

  1. Chicken packs in a popular bucket.

Well guys, when you visit KFC please try the favorite menu there. Yes right, they have a chicken bucket package. In one bucket you can enjoy 14 pieces of chicken. This idea came from Pete Herman. In 1957 he managed to sell this package menu at his franchise restaurant.

  1. KFC pays attention to the judgment of their customers.

So this restaurant has a customer service system for consumers. You can contact them via telephone, email, mail and social media. Then they have a consumer survey portal called MyKFCexperience. If you experience difficulties, you should look for survey instructions first. There you can get free products from KFC.

Well, guys, we have explained some interesting facts about KFC. If you want to see the full history, visit this restaurant’s website. There you can see the KFC restaurant’s timeline from year to year. Check out other interesting articles by visiting https://keliamoniz.com. Here you can find many articles about guest satisfaction survey.


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Surprising Facts about Chipotle Mexican Grill

For a fan of Mexican cuisines, Chipotle must have been a familiar name. Chipotle Mexican Grill is the actual name for this American restaurant. The Denver-based restaurant chain has been serving a lot of kinds of southern dishes since 1993. No wonder, tacos, and burritos have been the most wanted foods at this restaurant. Besides, you may order some other menu items here, such as burrito bowls, salads, chips & drinks, and kid’s menu.

Apart from the menu items, you may not know that Chipotle has some interesting facts behind its journey to success. These are the list for you!

  1. Say thanks to the loan

The idea of making this chipotle came when Steve Ells was at a taco food stand in San Francisco. Because he had not has anything to start Chipotle at the time, he decided to take some loans from his dad. He got $75.000 from him, then.

  1. The founder’s real dream

Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill, started this business to make his plan work. As a young chef, he used to dream of having a fancy dining place with a white tablecloth. Thus, he built Chipotle to collect the budget for opening his fancy restaurant. However, this burrito restaurant had gone so well that Steve Ells needed to focus only on this culinary business.

  1. It started at an ice cream shop

The first Chipotle restaurant location was an old ice cream shop. Then, Steve Ells turned this shop into a Chipotle restaurant in 1993. He made the burritos and grill meats at this place, too. You can find this location at 1644 East Evans Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

  1. A magic word from Náhuatl

Chipotle is derived from chilpoctli, a Náhuatl word which means smoked chili. Náhuatl was an ancient language of Aztec tribes. This language has been used for a really long time since the 7th A.D. in Central Mexico.

  1. It takes 100.000 avocados every day

As a Mexican restaurant, Chipotle must serve guacamole every day. With a vast number of locations, it is not surprising that Chipotle needs a  huge amount of avocados for its guacamole. It means, there will be almost 50 tons of avocados needed within 24 hours.

  1. Jason Mraz is an avocado supplier for Chipotle

Yes, you read it right. Jason Mraz, a famous singer, and songwriter has been one of the suppliers of Chipotle. He has got a farm situated in San Diego. It is able to produce around 15 tons of avocados each year. The biggest part of his avocados will be sent to any Chipotle locations nearby.

  1. Win Halloween burrito

Let’s start the Halloween party with some burritos! It is a program for all Chipotle fans that would love to enjoy Halloween night with some burrito. You can visit the program website at boorito.com. You may get Chipotle entrees for $4 only. This offer includes burrito, salad, bowl, or tacos. Moreover, there will be free burritos that you can enjoy for a year if you join Chipotle costume party using your real foil.

  1. Rare burrito coins

Chipotle has given away burrito coins for Chipotle lovers since 1999. These coins are so rare that not all customers can get these for free. If you are lucky, you may receive a coin after you have purchased a Chipotle burrito.

  1. High-sodium

Even though the famous motto from Chipotle is Food with Integrity, it does not mean all of the dishes served at this restaurant are healthy. Inside a Chipotle burrito completed with meat, fillings, and toppings, there is more than 2000 mg of sodium with high amounts of calories as well.

  1. The healthiest Chipotle menu item

You do not have to worry if you want to enjoy Chipotle dishes with less sodium. You can try the best Chipotle menu item for your health reasons. The healthy ingredients that you can find at Chipotle are available in salads. But, it is also possible for you to have a burrito bowl with a mix of sofritas, brown rice, fajita vegetables, cheese, and romaine lettuce. All of these ingredients contain less than 495 calories and 24 grams of total fats.

  1. McDonald’s was investors of Chipotle

Although McDonald’s does not own Chipotle now, the fast food restaurant has ever been a major investor of this Mexican restaurant chain. McDonald’s acquired the company stake of chipotle in 1999. It has the most percentage of Chipotle’s common stock. But, McDonald’s started to part ways with Chipotle since 2006.

  1. Chipotle Pizzeria Locale

Are you wondering what Chipotle can do with Italian cuisines? The answer is Pizzeria Locale. It is a pizza restaurant chain with the fast-casual concept. it serves pizza with Neapolitan-style. Chipotle has built this business in 2011 with Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, 2 restaurateurs in the United States. You can visit Chipotle Pizzeria Locale in Denver, Colorado.

  1. Asian Chipotle

Who has ever visited the Asian version of Chipotle? This restaurant company has launched Shophouse Kitchen in 2011. It is a fast casual restaurant which brings the Asian theme. Thus, it is not surprising that customers can enjoy rice bowls, a typical dish from Southeast Asian. Besides, there are more Southeast Asian menu items at Shophouse Kitchen, such as satay, noodles, chilies, curry sauces, etc. The locations of Shophouse Kitchen now are available in Washington DC, California, Maryland, and Illinois.

  1. Typical music at Chipotle

In case you do not know, Chipotle has hired DJ Christopher Golub to work for this company. This DJ will create a list of 500 catchy songs played at every Chipotle location each month. This means the playlist would be renewed after a month.

  1. Chipotle Farm Team

It is an exclusive reward program from Chipotle to its loyal customers. You can join this program only if you have got an invitation code. And if you want this program, you may get Chipotle foods for free with many kinds of Chipotle merchandises.

Apart from the facts above, you should notice that Chipotle has a guest satisfaction survey called Chipotlefeedback survey. As the customer, you can participate in this survey. Then, you can get the reward from Chipotle. If you want to know more about this survey program, do not hesitate to access https://www.zahracomedy.com. This website does not only inform you about Chipotle survey but many other surveys.

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My Awesome Experience at Taco Bell Restaurant

Hi, Friends! How are you? If you know, I am a kind of a picky eater. I am not usually getting an eating-out. Indeed, it will be difficult to try a new local restaurant even a lot of friends suggest me to visit it. Then, to choose one of the restaurants, I prefer to get a local food chain instead of fast food meals no matter it is very popular among the others. But, I have an experience that I think it was the most awesome eatery experiences in my life. Last week, one of my friends invites me to come to his birthday party. Seems different, he made a small party in Taco Bell Restaurant and treat us a special Taco Bell Menu Package. Even, I am so difficult to try a new restaurant; I force myself to come because it was a special invitation from my bestie. Can you guess? I was falling in love with the menu in front of me. And today, I want to share that awesome eatery experiences that may inspire you to choose the best quality of the restaurant. So, enjoy reading!

What is Taco Bell?

At the first time before coming to the restaurant, I spend a few times to scrolling at my browser to get some information about Taco Bell Restaurant. In general, it is the American Casual Restaurant that serves the Mexican Cuisines. Of course, there are some kinds of meals that come to my mind. They were Tacos, Burritos, Quesadilla and even Nachos. It looks interesting but I don’t think it much. Then, this restaurant was founded by Glen Bell on March 21, 1962.

The first store was located in Downey California then now it has the main office including the base of the restaurant’s operation in Irvine at the same states. One thing that makes surprised is about the expansion of this restaurant’s locations. Do you know? Taco Bell today exists in more than 7,000 Locations across the United States, Canada, District of Columbia as well as Puerto Rico. Awesome!

What are the Kinds of Taco Bell Menu?

Alright, the first point that I have to know before visit a new restaurant is about its menu offer. Then like I have told before, Taco Bell is the chain of Mexican Food. Quite different from the other casual restaurant, the customers at this restaurant will be free to customize its menu based on their need. Even, they can see how well that meals are produced with its trusted cooking team and cleanliness. I am impressed where I can choose the topping or even the sauces that will support my food. So that you know, this restaurant offers you some kinds of meals and menu’s services, and here the examples are:

  • Taco Bell Favorites
  • New menu
  • Deals and Combos
  • Tacos
  • Burritos
  • Nachos
  • Quesadillas
  • Sweets
  • Vegetarian
  • Breakfast Meals
  • Sides
  • Drinks
  • Dollar Carvings as well as the Party Packs.

The Best Taco Bell Menu that Makes Me Impressed

Well, there are ten best menus that make me impressed and make me addicted to visiting this restaurant again and again. I don’t have any ideas why these menus make me insane and change my point of views about food and restaurant. With no talk too much, here ten best Taco Bell Menus are:

  • Nacho Fries Box

The first menu is Nacho Fries Box that you can get only around $5. You will get surprised when ordering this menu as you will get a bargain with full of drink, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, seasoned fries, as well as the cheese dip.

  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch

I can say that this menu is such as a masterpiece of Taco Bell Restaurant. If I can describe this menu, it is very savory, soft, crunchy, delicate, satisfying and of course downright beautiful. Cheesy Gordita Crunch combines the items of quesadilla, hard shell taco, gordita, and chalupa. It is perfectly melted but crunchy when you bite it.

  • Doritos Locos Tacos

This kind of menu will be available when you get a lunch box. Somehow, you will get it combining with Taco Salad and Ballparks. It is very handy and completes with the full of flavors of Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, and Fiery Doritos.

  • Quesarito

Well, this kind of menu gets a success to steal my affection for the initial love of the cheese quesadilla and chicken. When you order this meal, you will get rice covered by the nacho cheese-lined layer of tortilla. Even, there are three options of the toppings, it can be beef, steak, and chicken that will serve you the full of cream and cheesiness.

  • Crunchwrap Supreme

When you are on the go, I suggest you get this kind of meal in your hand. Of course, it will boost your energy as it is full of meat, lettuce, sour cream, a crunchy tostada shell, nacho cheese, and tomatoes. This menu will not only fresh but the best energy for your tired body.

  • Freezes

If we have talked about the meals, you have to know that Taco Bell Freezes is the perfect drinks. It is a non-alcoholic drink where the appearance is very Instagram-worthy. You will get it full of colors that comes from Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Airheads Blue Raspberry and the limited edition of Rockstar Punched Freeze. But, this menu will be available during Taco Bell Happy Hours starting from 2 PM until 5 PM only. Indeed, it is only cost around $1.

  • Chicken Quesadilla

The second masterpiece of Taco Bell Favorite menu is about this Chicken Quesadilla. This kind of menu will be suitable to be served for 4 until 5 people in a table. With a creamy cheese quesadilla, this kind of meal is perfect for your snack, meal or even a side to another Taco.

  • The Meximelt

For your information, it is a kind of glorified beef taco that is available for a drive-thru menu services only. You will find the beef and cheese combo inside of a warm soft taco. In some locations, you will get this menu around over than 2 dollars per pack. When you think that the size is too big, you can try the other similar menu such as Beefy Mini Quesadilla that cost only for $.99.

  • Cinnamon Twist

And then, you can order this kind of meal as the sides of the other Taco Bell meals. So that you know, it is the legend menu before fries and chips are popular among the people in the world.

  • Nacho Fries

For the rest, you can use your $1 to get Nacho Fries. It is a good snack that will brighten your day.

Great! You will get satisfied with the speed of services with all of the employees serve me very well. If you want to share the same eatery experiences like me, you can take part in the online Taco Bell Survey. I suggest you launch your browser to www.LionMovie.com as it is the best survey tutorial website. So, see you there!

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The Interesting Fact Of Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

Auntie Anne’s is an American culinary snack franchise that serves the Pretzel menu. If you passing this one of Aunties Anne’s outlet in the mall so you feel hungry and tempted. The freshly scented pretzels from the oven immediately spread the distinctive smell that will make you hungry. From the oven, a chewy, soft, and fragrant butter was served. Bread knot or the people usually call it pretzel is a European bread that is formed lengthwise like a rope, braided near both ends, then folded into the middle of a circle of its pretzel.

The History Of Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s name itself comes from the name of the person who found this bakery shop, Anne F Beiler. In Indonesia, this bakery shop was established since 1995, so it’s a very long time to Indonesian people to know the Aunties Anne’s. So, in this country, Auntie Anne’s has a very adequate consumer base. The reason why Auntie Anne’s was expanding to Indonesia because Indonesia is one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia, with a better composition of the middle-class income. This condition is very well suited to the target of Auntie Anne’s consumers.

The superiority of pretzel product itself is in the quality of the product. The quality of the product is highlighted and underlined as excellence. Auntie Anne’s has a very strong commitment to providing the guarantees for the quality of product offered. The flour that used is premix from brand owners in The United States of America. The Auntie Anne’s has the concept of an open kitchen so that all the process of making products from making the dough, forming pretzels and roasting process can be seen by the consumers.

That is a glimpse of the atmosphere and products offered by Auntie Anne’s. This bakery shop is better known as a bread snack because the variety of products is exactly called as a snack with the category of premium snack product. You can enjoy anytime and anywhere. With the uniqueness of the product and the quality of taste offered, Auntie Anne’s is easily accepted by the consumers all around the world. The uniqueness of Auntie Anne’s pretzels made from wheat flour, yeast, and water. Served with typical flavors such as a cinnamon, almond, sugar, pretzel dog, and parmesan cheese. The texture of this pretzel is crunchy in outside but soft in the inside.

The Interesting Fact Of Auntie Anne’s

Anne Beiler, commonly known as Auntie Anne is the inventor of this delicious snack. She grew up in Lancaster, Pensylvania, and then moved to Mennonite. For the first time, she sells the pretzels in the local market. The result of the sell of the pretzel was used to finance Anne and her husband’s counseling center, which was established after their child died in an accident.

The Store Was Opened Through The Loans

Anne and her husband first sell the pretzels on the local market with a capital 6 thousand dollars. They are considering buying a place in that area because the market is considered potential. But because she and her husband do not have enough money, so Anne try to borrow capital from her parents to get the place that they wanted. Finally, Anne and her husband could have their own pretzel store which then continued to develop into various place around the world.

Because of The Accident

The pretzel recipe was found because of the accident. In an interview with The Washington Post, Anne said that the pretzel recipe was made because of the accident. Anne and her husband used to order pretzel ingredients at special sellers. One day, the ingredients that come do not match with the order. They must think hard so they still can make pretzels for sale. Through the trial and error process, finally, Anne’s husband found a secret recipe. That recipe can make their artificial pretzels are better and so many people like it.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Outlet Spread Everywhere

Until now, there is more than 400 Auntie Anne’s pretzel outlet in various countries in the world. In their home country, United States of America, you may find their food outlets in various places. Like the airport, train stations, schools, or shopping center. The Auntie Anne’s outlet also began developed in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand. In Indonesia itself, you may find three outlets in Jakarta. it may be possible to continue to develop in other countries. Through its official websites, it is known that Auntie Anne’s pretzel still opens the opportunity for international retailers.

Not All Pretzel Products Are Sold On The Market

In 2013, Auntie Anne’s was innovated by making whole grain pretzel honey. A mixture of honey and wheat is a healthy snack choice because it contains more fiber and fewer calories. Initially, this menu is expected to be liked by many people, especially those who diet or undergo a healthy lifestyle. But evidently, this product is quite an enthusiasm. So this pretzel variant was pulled from the menu list.

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The Interesting Fact Of Taco

Ready to eat food or junk food is one of the kind of food that much loved by people. Those who like Western-style fast food are from children, teenagers, to parents. The fans of the foods that are high in calories and poor in fiber are almost all ages. Not only franchise restaurants that serve famous fast food menus from America such as Taco Bell, but also locally. Taco Bell is one of the fast food restaurants that offered some various taco like Popeye Chicken favourite fried chicken.

What Is Taco?

Consisting of corn tortilla skin filled with processed beef with a blend of vegetables, tacos are one of the typical Mexican foods whose delights are worldwide. You could say that this food is one of the culinary icons of Mexico. Even it is a typical Mexican food, it turns out that taco is actually more popular in the United States of America. Do you know that the words “taco” itself was originally an explosive that was used during the mining process in the 18th century. Not only that, there are some the interesting fact of taco that sells in Taco Bell.

Since 19th Century

This fast food has begun to be cooked in Mexico since the 19th century. In fact, some experts say that the first taco was created around 1000 and 500 Before Country. At that time, taco skin was used as a spoon to eat a variety of delicious stuffing.

An Explosive

The word of “taco” came from the explosive. Even it is now taco to be a popular snack in the world, the word “ taco” is used refer to explosive used during mining excavations. This “taco” consists of gunpowder wrapped in a piece and placed between rocks.

The Best Time To Eat Taco

Most people eat tacos almost in every time, whether at lunch, dinner, or as a snack. However, a tradition in Mexico gives special time to enjoy tacos of different types. For example, the taco seafood menu is eaten in lunch. Whereas antojitos, a type of snack in Mexico, were eaten at dinner.

As A Day Snack

If we are translated clearly, the word taco in Spanish has the meaning of a day snack. Not surprisingly because this food is also often eaten of a snack to fill the stomach before the time to lunch or dinner.

Very Popular In America

Despite being a typical Mexican Food, tacos actually get the popularity in the United States of America. In fact, one of the taco outlets in the United States of America is Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant that is most popular in that country. Not only that, the level of taco consumption in America is very high that reach more than 4 million per year.

The Type Of Taco Skin

In its serving, tacos use two types of skin, namely hard and soft textured skin. The hard taco skin feels crispy, but it can not accommodate more filling than the soft taco skin. The texture of the soft taco skin version allows it to fold, so it does not make the filling split out.

Taco Bell Is Very Popular In America

Despite being one of the best selling fast food that served taco in the United States of America, Taco Bell is quite not popular in Mexico. Taco Bell is more popular in America than in Mexico.

The Differences Between Taco And Burrito

Tacos and burritos are both very popular foods from Mexico. Although the main methods and ingredients of the cooking process have metamorphosed for time to time with the significant influence from America, but for basic of these foods remains the same.

The naming is also quite interesting. Buritto itself in the Mexican language means the little donkey. That as the replacement word as burro which means donkey. The food might have that named cause of the finished of the burrito was wrapped a little like the ear of donkeys or like the roll bed that they brought. Compared to burritos, tacos have a name that more reasonable for that. Taco itself has the meaning snack. Because of the simillarity of structure and appearance, tacos and burritos often confuse for each another. But actually , there are special differencesof taco and burrito. The other differences between tacos and burritos are.

  1. Origin

Taco is more an ethnic and traditional snack while burrito was a 20th-century innovation.

  1. The difference in size

Basically, burritos are never considered snacks. Burito istself has the larger size than the taco. While the burrito is to be the food that more like a complete meal. Taco is only a snack and if you want to be full so you need to eat some taco to replace the main course.

  1. the skin

Tacos are smaller than a burrito and use the soft corn tortillas as a wrapper or skin. But, burrito has the appereance that more bigger and thicker. So to make the wrapper or skin of burrito is made from thick flour. The burrito is also sometimes given flavors, such as tomatoes, spinach, and soon.

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Why So Many People Likes Fried Chicken In Popeyes Chicken Restaurant?

If there are foods that are loved in almost all of the world and there are those who spend it every day, that one must be fried chicken. I believe that if you go to some countries and you feel that it’s so hard to find the suitable food so, fried chicken will be the better choice than another local food that you never taste it.

The Fried Chicken Day

Every year in the United States of America is celebrated the National Fried Chicken Day. Who knows who and when for the first time that day to be the National Fried Chicken Day. Some places in America are celebrated this moment specifically in Popeyes Chicken. Maybe this is the reason why so many fried chicken restaurant that worldwide are comes from America.

Fried chicken aka flour fried chicken has become a favorite food for some people in the world. The crunchy, marinade that makes fans addicted. Even there are a lot of news, if you eat too much fried chicken, it will cause cancer and affect your weight. But all of that doesn’t become a barrier to being able to enjoy this fried chicken. One of the most popular worldwide fried chicken restaurant that comes from America is Popeyes Chicken. The taste of fried chicken in this restaurant is different than another restaurant because the secret of the spices that they use is different. So, do you know why so many people are really addicted to fried chicken in Popeyes Chicken Restaurant?

The Delicious Smell

As a fried chicken lover, I believe that you will really know how the combination of salt, herbs, and the warmth of fried chicken, even from a considerable distance. The smell of fried chicken will immediately make you hungry and really desire to eat it. If the perfect combination of spices and salt of fried chicken in Popeyes Chicken comes into your nose, so it will make you hungry immediately. The fried chicken lovers exactly know the smell of fried chicken within a mile.

The Good Taste

Who can avoid the taste of fried chicken that never failed. all depends on how to mix spices for fried chicken. Because a variety of spices are mixed, it will produce delicious and tasty chicken. But you don’t need to worry if you eat fried chicken from Popeyes Chicken because it’s guaranteed made from the best recipe that will make you addict. It will be the reason for you to choose fried chicken from Popeyes Chicken as the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Skin Part

I believe that this is the most popular part of many people, namely fried chicken skin. The parts are very crispy and are most preferred among the other parts. Because of the most people who love fried chicken like the skin parts. So some fried chicken restaurant provides the fried chicken skin special menu. In Popeyes Chicken restaurant you can enjoy a menu of fried chicken skin which is equipped with various types of sauces such us Boldbq, Mardi Gras Mustard, Sweet Heat, and etc.

Can Be Combined And Suitable For Some Moment

Another reason that makes a fried chicken be the most preferred food is that these foods can be combined with various foods. I believe that fried chicken is the most suitable food combined with various other foods. Whether it’s eaten with burgers, nuts, french fries, or even salad. Fried chicken never doesn’t fit. Fried chicken can be the choice of food, in all the ways, one people can order one bucket of fried chicken and spend it without losing the appetite like enjoy Dunkin Donuts for you. So, fried chicken from Popeyes Chicken is the best choice for you who want to present the delicious food for your family and friends.

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The Secret Of Dunkin Donuts That You Must Know

Donuts are fried food that made from the mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. The most common donuts are round donuts with sweet toppings, such as various types of jams, cream, jelly, and custard. One of the most popular donuts outlets in the world is Dunkin Donuts. Who knows Dunkin Donuts? The fast food restaurant that already has more than 12.000 stalls are known for their delicious donuts, including their unique toppings. I believe that all of you have known about this restaurant, but do you know about its secret?

The First Outlets Still Open

The first Dunkin Donuts outlet in Massachusetts is still open from 1950 until now. If in general the place of business will be a move to a more strategic and profitable place, but it’s not for Dunkin Donuts. Even though there are many famous Dunkin Donuts outlet in the world, but the outlet in Quincy, Massachusetts, America still stands and operates to this day.

The decoration of this outlet is still vintage and it still can attract the people to go here. If you visiting Massachusetts, so you won’t be missed to this first Dunkin Donuts outlet.

The Unsold Donuts

This is quite surprising because the famous Dunkin Donuts turned out to be not too capitalist and purely pursuing the profit itself. All food especially donuts that are not used up will be donated to the recipient institution that has cooperated with each branch of Dunkin Donuts. In a very generous way that is one of the reasons why  Dunkin Donuts is so developed, not only in America but also in various countries in the world.

You Can Make Donuts By Yourself

Dunkin Donuts is one of the restaurants of donut that pampers its costumers. Asking for additional milk, sugar, or creamer at Dunkin Donuts will not make you labeled as an annoying customer because it is the procedure to accept your special requests. For example, the use of butter with low fat or choosing your own sandwich filling and type of bread. It feels like home, right?

Dunkin Brand University

Dunkin Donuts is one of fast food restaurant that has a special education institution that to train its employees. Before working at Dunkin Donuts, you will be educated to be an expert employee who will not make the customer disappointed. You have no wonder if this brand managed to become the top 10 restaurants with the highest customer satisfaction. However, Dunkin Brand University is also open to the public and already has many students. They come from some countries in the world.

More Than 3 Million Donuts Per Year

Do you think that selling donuts can make lots of profit? More than 3 million donuts are sold in Dunkin Donuts for each year. This number will continue to rise. Not only donuts, but Dunkin Donuts coffee also sells well and sells more than 2 million cups for each year. This means that Dunkin Donuts can sell 60 cups of coffee per second. Isnt that amazing?

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