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Month: January 2018

The Secret Of Dunkin Donuts That You Must Know

Donuts are fried food that made from the mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. The most common donuts are round donuts with sweet toppings, such as various types of jams, cream, jelly, and custard. One of the most popular donuts outlets in the world is Dunkin Donuts. Who knows Dunkin Donuts? The fast food restaurant that already has more than 12.000 stalls are known for their delicious donuts, including their unique toppings. I believe that all of you have known about this restaurant, but do you know about its secret?

The First Outlets Still Open

The first Dunkin Donuts outlet in Massachusetts is still open from 1950 until now. If in general the place of business will be a move to a more strategic and profitable place, but it’s not for Dunkin Donuts. Even though there are many famous Dunkin Donuts outlet in the world, but the outlet in Quincy, Massachusetts, America still stands and operates to this day.

The decoration of this outlet is still vintage and it still can attract the people to go here. If you visiting Massachusetts, so you won’t be missed to this first Dunkin Donuts outlet.

The Unsold Donuts

This is quite surprising because the famous Dunkin Donuts turned out to be not too capitalist and purely pursuing the profit itself. All food especially donuts that are not used up will be donated to the recipient institution that has cooperated with each branch of Dunkin Donuts. In a very generous way that is one of the reasons why  Dunkin Donuts is so developed, not only in America but also in various countries in the world.

You Can Make Donuts By Yourself

Dunkin Donuts is one of the restaurants of donut that pampers its costumers. Asking for additional milk, sugar, or creamer at Dunkin Donuts will not make you labeled as an annoying customer because it is the procedure to accept your special requests. For example, the use of butter with low fat or choosing your own sandwich filling and type of bread. It feels like home, right?

Dunkin Brand University

Dunkin Donuts is one of fast food restaurant that has a special education institution that to train its employees. Before working at Dunkin Donuts, you will be educated to be an expert employee who will not make the customer disappointed. You have no wonder if this brand managed to become the top 10 restaurants with the highest customer satisfaction. However, Dunkin Brand University is also open to the public and already has many students. They come from some countries in the world.

More Than 3 Million Donuts Per Year

Do you think that selling donuts can make lots of profit? More than 3 million donuts are sold in Dunkin Donuts for each year. This number will continue to rise. Not only donuts, but Dunkin Donuts coffee also sells well and sells more than 2 million cups for each year. This means that Dunkin Donuts can sell 60 cups of coffee per second. Isnt that amazing?

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