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Month: March 2018

The Interesting Fact Of Taco

Ready to eat food or junk food is one of the kind of food that much loved by people. Those who like Western-style fast food are from children, teenagers, to parents. The fans of the foods that are high in calories and poor in fiber are almost all ages. Not only franchise restaurants that serve famous fast food menus from America such as Taco Bell, but also locally. Taco Bell is one of the fast food restaurants that offered some various taco like Popeye Chicken favourite fried chicken.

What Is Taco?

Consisting of corn tortilla skin filled with processed beef with a blend of vegetables, tacos are one of the typical Mexican foods whose delights are worldwide. You could say that this food is one of the culinary icons of Mexico. Even it is a typical Mexican food, it turns out that taco is actually more popular in the United States of America. Do you know that the words “taco” itself was originally an explosive that was used during the mining process in the 18th century. Not only that, there are some the interesting fact of taco that sells in Taco Bell.

Since 19th Century

This fast food has begun to be cooked in Mexico since the 19th century. In fact, some experts say that the first taco was created around 1000 and 500 Before Country. At that time, taco skin was used as a spoon to eat a variety of delicious stuffing.

An Explosive

The word of “taco” came from the explosive. Even it is now taco to be a popular snack in the world, the word “ taco” is used refer to explosive used during mining excavations. This “taco” consists of gunpowder wrapped in a piece and placed between rocks.

The Best Time To Eat Taco

Most people eat tacos almost in every time, whether at lunch, dinner, or as a snack. However, a tradition in Mexico gives special time to enjoy tacos of different types. For example, the taco seafood menu is eaten in lunch. Whereas antojitos, a type of snack in Mexico, were eaten at dinner.

As A Day Snack

If we are translated clearly, the word taco in Spanish has the meaning of a day snack. Not surprisingly because this food is also often eaten of a snack to fill the stomach before the time to lunch or dinner.

Very Popular In America

Despite being a typical Mexican Food, tacos actually get the popularity in the United States of America. In fact, one of the taco outlets in the United States of America is Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant that is most popular in that country. Not only that, the level of taco consumption in America is very high that reach more than 4 million per year.

The Type Of Taco Skin

In its serving, tacos use two types of skin, namely hard and soft textured skin. The hard taco skin feels crispy, but it can not accommodate more filling than the soft taco skin. The texture of the soft taco skin version allows it to fold, so it does not make the filling split out.

Taco Bell Is Very Popular In America

Despite being one of the best selling fast food that served taco in the United States of America, Taco Bell is quite not popular in Mexico. Taco Bell is more popular in America than in Mexico.

The Differences Between Taco And Burrito

Tacos and burritos are both very popular foods from Mexico. Although the main methods and ingredients of the cooking process have metamorphosed for time to time with the significant influence from America, but for basic of these foods remains the same.

The naming is also quite interesting. Buritto itself in the Mexican language means the little donkey. That as the replacement word as burro which means donkey. The food might have that named cause of the finished of the burrito was wrapped a little like the ear of donkeys or like the roll bed that they brought. Compared to burritos, tacos have a name that more reasonable for that. Taco itself has the meaning snack. Because of the simillarity of structure and appearance, tacos and burritos often confuse for each another. But actually , there are special differencesof taco and burrito. The other differences between tacos and burritos are.

  1. Origin

Taco is more an ethnic and traditional snack while burrito was a 20th-century innovation.

  1. The difference in size

Basically, burritos are never considered snacks. Burito istself has the larger size than the taco. While the burrito is to be the food that more like a complete meal. Taco is only a snack and if you want to be full so you need to eat some taco to replace the main course.

  1. the skin

Tacos are smaller than a burrito and use the soft corn tortillas as a wrapper or skin. But, burrito has the appereance that more bigger and thicker. So to make the wrapper or skin of burrito is made from thick flour. The burrito is also sometimes given flavors, such as tomatoes, spinach, and soon.

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