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Day: June 24, 2018

The Interesting Fact Of Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

Auntie Anne’s is an American culinary snack franchise that serves the Pretzel menu. If you passing this one of Aunties Anne’s outlet in the mall so you feel hungry and tempted. The freshly scented pretzels from the oven immediately spread the distinctive smell that will make you hungry. From the oven, a chewy, soft, and fragrant butter was served. Bread knot or the people usually call it pretzel is a European bread that is formed lengthwise like a rope, braided near both ends, then folded into the middle of a circle of its pretzel.

The History Of Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s name itself comes from the name of the person who found this bakery shop, Anne F Beiler. In Indonesia, this bakery shop was established since 1995, so it’s a very long time to Indonesian people to know the Aunties Anne’s. So, in this country, Auntie Anne’s has a very adequate consumer base. The reason why Auntie Anne’s was expanding to Indonesia because Indonesia is one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia, with a better composition of the middle-class income. This condition is very well suited to the target of Auntie Anne’s consumers.

The superiority of pretzel product itself is in the quality of the product. The quality of the product is highlighted and underlined as excellence. Auntie Anne’s has a very strong commitment to providing the guarantees for the quality of product offered. The flour that used is premix from brand owners in The United States of America. The Auntie Anne’s has the concept of an open kitchen so that all the process of making products from making the dough, forming pretzels and roasting process can be seen by the consumers.

That is a glimpse of the atmosphere and products offered by Auntie Anne’s. This bakery shop is better known as a bread snack because the variety of products is exactly called as a snack with the category of premium snack product. You can enjoy anytime and anywhere. With the uniqueness of the product and the quality of taste offered, Auntie Anne’s is easily accepted by the consumers all around the world. The uniqueness of Auntie Anne’s pretzels made from wheat flour, yeast, and water. Served with typical flavors such as a cinnamon, almond, sugar, pretzel dog, and parmesan cheese. The texture of this pretzel is crunchy in outside but soft in the inside.

The Interesting Fact Of Auntie Anne’s

Anne Beiler, commonly known as Auntie Anne is the inventor of this delicious snack. She grew up in Lancaster, Pensylvania, and then moved to Mennonite. For the first time, she sells the pretzels in the local market. The result of the sell of the pretzel was used to finance Anne and her husband’s counseling center, which was established after their child died in an accident.

The Store Was Opened Through The Loans

Anne and her husband first sell the pretzels on the local market with a capital 6 thousand dollars. They are considering buying a place in that area because the market is considered potential. But because she and her husband do not have enough money, so Anne try to borrow capital from her parents to get the place that they wanted. Finally, Anne and her husband could have their own pretzel store which then continued to develop into various place around the world.

Because of The Accident

The pretzel recipe was found because of the accident. In an interview with The Washington Post, Anne said that the pretzel recipe was made because of the accident. Anne and her husband used to order pretzel ingredients at special sellers. One day, the ingredients that come do not match with the order. They must think hard so they still can make pretzels for sale. Through the trial and error process, finally, Anne’s husband found a secret recipe. That recipe can make their artificial pretzels are better and so many people like it.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Outlet Spread Everywhere

Until now, there is more than 400 Auntie Anne’s pretzel outlet in various countries in the world. In their home country, United States of America, you may find their food outlets in various places. Like the airport, train stations, schools, or shopping center. The Auntie Anne’s outlet also began developed in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand. In Indonesia itself, you may find three outlets in Jakarta. it may be possible to continue to develop in other countries. Through its official websites, it is known that Auntie Anne’s pretzel still opens the opportunity for international retailers.

Not All Pretzel Products Are Sold On The Market

In 2013, Auntie Anne’s was innovated by making whole grain pretzel honey. A mixture of honey and wheat is a healthy snack choice because it contains more fiber and fewer calories. Initially, this menu is expected to be liked by many people, especially those who diet or undergo a healthy lifestyle. But evidently, this product is quite an enthusiasm. So this pretzel variant was pulled from the menu list.

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