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Month: October 2018

Dairy Queen As The One Of Popular Ice Cream Outlet In The World

Ice cream is a cold snack that we easily to find. Many of us must have paid ice cream from various flavors and forms that were traded or even made by themselves. There are many reasons why people like ice cream, many people also become ice cream as their business fields. The ice cream itself doesn’t have a target market because from children to adults like ice cream. Based on dqfansurvey the main reason for people to eat ice cream is that they will feel fresh.

The Taste Of Ice Cream

The first logical reason why many people like to eat ice cream in terms of taste. Ice cream has a soft and refreshing taste, especially when eaten in hot weather. Not only that cold food made with an ice cream machine, but this kind of cold food is also made by many flavors depending on the basic ingredients. Starting from fruits to drink and food can be a taste of ice cream made. In some ice cream shop, like Dairy Queen you may create your own ice cream flavor. But the softness and freshness of ice cream can only be enjoyed when ice cream is frozen. If the ice cream is already melting, so the taste will be much different.

The Attractive Of Form

Nowadays there are so many innovations and creations from many entrepreneurs who make an appearance as attractive as possible to make ice cream unique from the others. People will tend to want ice cream with a unique look and have their own characteristic. The appearance of ice cream also depends on the target market of the ice cream maker. If the target is children, so usually the ice dream form has cute shapes like fruits or animal. For the adults, usually, like the unique and colorful ice cream.

Make You Fresh

Eat ice cream is one way to relieve thirst when the weather is hot. With the soft texture and cold, ice cream is very suitable to eat and it will make you feel fresh.

The Benefits Of Ice Cream

Based on dqfansurvey the other reason is, it turns out that why people like ice cream because of the benefits of ice cream. Ice cream can also be used for diet by consuming ice cream will increase the body temperature and burn fat in the body. But this diet will be a success if you consume the right amount of ice cream and not too much. As we know that the most of ice cream is made from milk that contains calcium which certainly good for healthy bones and teeth. Especially for children who are growing, but don’t give too much.

Increasing The Appetite

To overcome a child or someone who is difficult to eat vegetables and fruit can by consuming vegetable and fruit ice cream. Even people tend to prefer ice cream with fruit and vegetable flavors rather than the original. So, ice cream is can be the alternative for someone who doesn’t like vegetables or fruits. A variety of flavors from ice cream will not make people bored to eat ice cream, although with the different taste but the softness of ice cream remains the same.

The History Of Dairy Queen

Ronald Reagan as the former of President of United States of America determined that the Sunday of 3rd week in July was the National Ice Cream Day. Not only that, but July is also designated as National Ice Cream month. Based on dqfansurvey this is the reason why some of the ice cream corporations that develop in the world are from America. One of them is Dairy Queen.

Starting from J.F McCullough and his son Alex, who founded a home-based ice company in 1927 in Lowa, United States of America. In 1930 the company moved to Illusionist, McCullough wanted to make ice cream with softer texture but it still tastes good. McCullough’s dream recipe was found. But the problem is, the soft textured ice cream requires a super cold refrigerator. At that time is so hard to find the refrigerator. Finally, they entrust their ice cream to Sherb Noble, a restaurant owner who has MacCullough dream refrigerator. The ice cream sold for two hours for the first time.

In 1940, McCullough and Sherd Noble founded Dairy Queen. In two years, Dairy Queen succeeded in making the famous flagship product until now. Based on dqfansurvey in a year this company sold 100 million cups, which is a combination of ice cream with various types of candy and snacks such as an Oreo, M & M’s, Snickers. And Butterfinger in one cup. Along with the times, Dairy Queen is not also selling the various kind of ice cream but also various foods such as hot dog, some kind of cakes, and some kind of beverages such as Citrus Coolers, smoothies, and Moolate.

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