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Interesting Facts about KFC has been Revealed

Well, guys, we will discuss KFC’s facts. Who doesn’t know the popularity of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants ?. At present, you will find it easier to find fast food restaurants near you. The concept of this restaurant is often used by entrepreneurs. Because this concept is a favorite of all people. They don’t have to prepare cutlery like in a fancy restaurant. Maybe you know the difference in the concept of fast food restaurants with fancy restaurants. Here are some striking differences in fast food restaurants.

  1. You can visit the restaurant and make an order at that time. If you visit the dining restaurant, you need to make a reservation in advance.
  2. You have to pay for your food before enjoying it. So when you make an order, you have to pay it first. Then you can find a seat in the restaurant. If you visit a fancy restaurant, you can pay for the order after enjoying it.
  3. They provide an easy and fast menu. You need to understand that fast food restaurants serve simple and easy food. If possible, you can immediately bring your food after making a payment. But fancy restaurants have different systems. There you can enjoy each dish one by one. So they present complementary food to delay your hunger.
  4. You don’t need to dress formally. Unlike the rules in fancy restaurants. Here you can use casual clothes. Because this restaurant has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Well, guys, you know the difference between fast food restaurants and fancy restaurants. Next, we will discuss interesting facts from KFC fast food restaurants. Let’s check it out.


Interesting facts from KFC fast food restaurants.

Are you a fan of KFC fast food restaurants ?. If you know this restaurant, read our interesting article. Here we will present facts that you may not know. Here are some interesting facts from KFC.

  1. KFC Popularizes Fried Chicken into the Fast Food Restaurant industry

This restaurant is from the United States. Then they managed to expand to all corners of the world. Until now they have 21,000 outlets in 130 countries in the world. Wow, isn’t this a fantastic number? They have been serving customers since 70 years ago. So KFC serves fried chicken as a typical food in their restaurant. Previously famous fast food restaurants with hamburgers as their mainstay menu. Well guys, so this restaurant is a pioneer of the appearance of fried chicken in fast food restaurants.

  1. The first restaurant to process chicken using a Pressure Fryer.

The founder of this fast food restaurant was named Colonel Sanders. He was one of the KFC chefs in the early days of restaurant establishment. There Sanders uses a pressure fryer system when making fried chicken. Even though it was only in 1939 a new high-pressure stove was introduced in general. So Colonel Sanders was the first person to use this stove. Although the risk of exploding is higher, KFC maintains this method. Because the taste of the chicken becomes more delicious when cooked using a high-pressure stove. Are you interested in trying it at home?

  1. Who is the trigger of the name “Kentucky Fried Chicken” ?.

In 1952 in Salt Lake City Colonel Sanders met Pete Herman. Pete Herman is a businessman who has a successful burger shop. The shop is called Do Drop Inn. Then they collaborated to sell fried chicken made by Sanders. Year after year the restaurant has become more successful. After that Herman wanted to change the name of the restaurant to make it more attractive. He wants to highlight the fried chicken menu in the name of the restaurant. Furthermore, the painter named Don Anderson gave Herman a brilliant idea. Be this restaurant called Kentucky Fried Chicken. This name has an exotic impression and the hospitality of the people of the southern part of the United States.

  1. Colonel Sanders was never a soldier.

Well guys, when you hear the name of Colonel Sanders, maybe you think he is a former soldier. But your assumption is wrong. Colonel Sanders is not a soldier. He got that rank from Governor Lawrence Wetherby. But Sanders does not have an obligation that must be carried out. Then he did not receive a salary because of that rank.

  1. Colonel Sanders has sold KFC Fast Food Restaurants.

Well guys, when KFC is at the peak of success, Sanders actually feels depressed. But due to high pressure, Sanders decided to sell this restaurant to several investors. So in 1964, he got 27 billion in sales of this fast food restaurant.

  1. How is the KFC Secret Recipe?

Since 1952, KFC has been serving consumers. They still maintain the confidentiality of KFC fried chicken recipes. Even though Sanders had a problem, because of the unsatisfying taste after the restaurant was sold. But the making of fried chicken still refers to the recipe for Sanders. This secret recipe is in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky. Only a few people know this secret recipe. They installed a security system at a secret recipe storage area. Don’t be surprised, they prepare armed forces to guard the place.

  1. Chicken packs in a popular bucket.

Well guys, when you visit KFC please try the favorite menu there. Yes right, they have a chicken bucket package. In one bucket you can enjoy 14 pieces of chicken. This idea came from Pete Herman. In 1957 he managed to sell this package menu at his franchise restaurant.

  1. KFC pays attention to the judgment of their customers.

So this restaurant has a customer service system for consumers. You can contact them via telephone, email, mail and social media. Then they have a consumer survey portal called MyKFCexperience. If you experience difficulties, you should look for survey instructions first. There you can get free products from KFC.

Well, guys, we have explained some interesting facts about KFC. If you want to see the full history, visit this restaurant’s website. There you can see the KFC restaurant’s timeline from year to year. Check out other interesting articles by visiting https://keliamoniz.com. Here you can find many articles about guest satisfaction survey.


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Surprising Facts about Chipotle Mexican Grill

For a fan of Mexican cuisines, Chipotle must have been a familiar name. Chipotle Mexican Grill is the actual name for this American restaurant. The Denver-based restaurant chain has been serving a lot of kinds of southern dishes since 1993. No wonder, tacos, and burritos have been the most wanted foods at this restaurant. Besides, you may order some other menu items here, such as burrito bowls, salads, chips & drinks, and kid’s menu.

Apart from the menu items, you may not know that Chipotle has some interesting facts behind its journey to success. These are the list for you!

  1. Say thanks to the loan

The idea of making this chipotle came when Steve Ells was at a taco food stand in San Francisco. Because he had not has anything to start Chipotle at the time, he decided to take some loans from his dad. He got $75.000 from him, then.

  1. The founder’s real dream

Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill, started this business to make his plan work. As a young chef, he used to dream of having a fancy dining place with a white tablecloth. Thus, he built Chipotle to collect the budget for opening his fancy restaurant. However, this burrito restaurant had gone so well that Steve Ells needed to focus only on this culinary business.

  1. It started at an ice cream shop

The first Chipotle restaurant location was an old ice cream shop. Then, Steve Ells turned this shop into a Chipotle restaurant in 1993. He made the burritos and grill meats at this place, too. You can find this location at 1644 East Evans Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

  1. A magic word from Náhuatl

Chipotle is derived from chilpoctli, a Náhuatl word which means smoked chili. Náhuatl was an ancient language of Aztec tribes. This language has been used for a really long time since the 7th A.D. in Central Mexico.

  1. It takes 100.000 avocados every day

As a Mexican restaurant, Chipotle must serve guacamole every day. With a vast number of locations, it is not surprising that Chipotle needs a  huge amount of avocados for its guacamole. It means, there will be almost 50 tons of avocados needed within 24 hours.

  1. Jason Mraz is an avocado supplier for Chipotle

Yes, you read it right. Jason Mraz, a famous singer, and songwriter has been one of the suppliers of Chipotle. He has got a farm situated in San Diego. It is able to produce around 15 tons of avocados each year. The biggest part of his avocados will be sent to any Chipotle locations nearby.

  1. Win Halloween burrito

Let’s start the Halloween party with some burritos! It is a program for all Chipotle fans that would love to enjoy Halloween night with some burrito. You can visit the program website at boorito.com. You may get Chipotle entrees for $4 only. This offer includes burrito, salad, bowl, or tacos. Moreover, there will be free burritos that you can enjoy for a year if you join Chipotle costume party using your real foil.

  1. Rare burrito coins

Chipotle has given away burrito coins for Chipotle lovers since 1999. These coins are so rare that not all customers can get these for free. If you are lucky, you may receive a coin after you have purchased a Chipotle burrito.

  1. High-sodium

Even though the famous motto from Chipotle is Food with Integrity, it does not mean all of the dishes served at this restaurant are healthy. Inside a Chipotle burrito completed with meat, fillings, and toppings, there is more than 2000 mg of sodium with high amounts of calories as well.

  1. The healthiest Chipotle menu item

You do not have to worry if you want to enjoy Chipotle dishes with less sodium. You can try the best Chipotle menu item for your health reasons. The healthy ingredients that you can find at Chipotle are available in salads. But, it is also possible for you to have a burrito bowl with a mix of sofritas, brown rice, fajita vegetables, cheese, and romaine lettuce. All of these ingredients contain less than 495 calories and 24 grams of total fats.

  1. McDonald’s was investors of Chipotle

Although McDonald’s does not own Chipotle now, the fast food restaurant has ever been a major investor of this Mexican restaurant chain. McDonald’s acquired the company stake of chipotle in 1999. It has the most percentage of Chipotle’s common stock. But, McDonald’s started to part ways with Chipotle since 2006.

  1. Chipotle Pizzeria Locale

Are you wondering what Chipotle can do with Italian cuisines? The answer is Pizzeria Locale. It is a pizza restaurant chain with the fast-casual concept. it serves pizza with Neapolitan-style. Chipotle has built this business in 2011 with Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, 2 restaurateurs in the United States. You can visit Chipotle Pizzeria Locale in Denver, Colorado.

  1. Asian Chipotle

Who has ever visited the Asian version of Chipotle? This restaurant company has launched Shophouse Kitchen in 2011. It is a fast casual restaurant which brings the Asian theme. Thus, it is not surprising that customers can enjoy rice bowls, a typical dish from Southeast Asian. Besides, there are more Southeast Asian menu items at Shophouse Kitchen, such as satay, noodles, chilies, curry sauces, etc. The locations of Shophouse Kitchen now are available in Washington DC, California, Maryland, and Illinois.

  1. Typical music at Chipotle

In case you do not know, Chipotle has hired DJ Christopher Golub to work for this company. This DJ will create a list of 500 catchy songs played at every Chipotle location each month. This means the playlist would be renewed after a month.

  1. Chipotle Farm Team

It is an exclusive reward program from Chipotle to its loyal customers. You can join this program only if you have got an invitation code. And if you want this program, you may get Chipotle foods for free with many kinds of Chipotle merchandises.

Apart from the facts above, you should notice that Chipotle has a guest satisfaction survey called Chipotlefeedback survey. As the customer, you can participate in this survey. Then, you can get the reward from Chipotle. If you want to know more about this survey program, do not hesitate to access https://www.zahracomedy.com. This website does not only inform you about Chipotle survey but many other surveys.

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